Monday, July 31, 2006

New beginnings

OK - So I'm starting blog. Maybe this will make me accountable for a few things - like finishing all of those cross stitch UFO's - or actually starting the rotation that I have planned, sorted & all ready to go (& have had for about 6 weeks now).

Then again it could just give me an excuse to spend more time online - discovering new things that I 'need' ;o)

It doesn't really matter, anything is 'theraputic' after spending a day at work - taking down the current exhibition & rehanging the entire Gallery. The physical side of it is easy - it's the brain workout of what 'works' with what else that is challenging. I'm sure I spent half the day shuffling artworks around only to have them end up in the initial postion I'd hung them in.

Mum always did call me a perfectionist - now we can't let our Mums down ...can we?