Saturday, August 30, 2008

Been away with the faeries

a bit lately - but hopefully am getting back on track now.

I'd like to blame winter & going into hibernation mode, but if I'm going to be honest I can't. This winter hasn't been that bad - I go out & hear people moaning - "isn't it cold", but really it's not - we've had loads of crisp, clear & even sunny days.
As far as I'm concerned this winter has been great.

I have actually torched two days in a row - somewhat of a breakthrough in itself!!!
More about that tomorrow when I have the results ready to show....if I'm feeling brave....or stupid!

Tonight I got a bit of knitting done, whilst watching "The Mummy" . Now why is it that when a new Movie in a series is released some TV channels feel the need to play re-runs of all the earlier ones??

Anyhow while watching & mourning the fact that there was no "Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson" to appease my eye's, I took more notice of the male cast in it.
Now I know that a couple of the ladies that read this blog think that Brendan Fraser is a hottie.
Yeah he's cute - but in a Hugh Grant floppy hair sort of way - now lets see, what were the other choices in that very first one...

There was of course, cutie Rick O'connell - Brendan Fraser:

Then there was High Priest Imhotep - Arnold Vosloo & c'mon girls he isn't exactly 'paper bag' material - well not in his regenrated state anyway!

And last, but by no means least, a certain Medjai Warrior,
Ardeth Bay- played by Oded Fehr, who was quite a nice piece of candy to my way of thinking.
Of course he could have been easily missed (if you are blind...or actually concentrating on your knitting)

So ladies - who is brave enough to vote in the poll I've put up for this. I guess you are going to know my choice - lol!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Just Playin'

Wouldn't mind seeing this - but the question is can I live without seeing Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson????

ETA: For Mich & anyone else who feels that the visuals are important (like me).

A lovely form

I'm trying to figure out a 'thumbnail' to use for the link to chainmaille on my website. I'd also like to be able to use the same props for jewelry & beads - to attain a sense of cohesiveness & flow throughout the main page of links.

I love the form of this photo - but will it be indicative enough of what lies beyond???

My camera woes are almost over ....I hope!

I'm still trying desperately to do battle with my camera! Did I say battle? - it's more like war of the worlds.

Yesterday this conundrum got slightly better & I realised that it may not be 'me' after all.
I rang the camera store & told them of my problem with it....the light shift I get with Ithe settings on manual, when photographing beads.

They agreed that I am doing everything right & it should not be happening. It is going to go to Canon to be tested...I'll be without it for 2-3weeks.

But Hey - at least I know I'm not actually going mad - that little sucker that can take a great outdoor photo, might just learn what's good for when it comes to beads it yet!!

Failing that I'll start metioning that sexy Digital Rebel XSi agin ;o)

Sunday, August 24, 2008

And then there was chocolate

or rather more chocolate in the form of Miss Gabriela's (or "Gabby", as she is known to her friends) Birthday Cake.

Can I quietly tell all of you who are Mothers out there exactly how thrilled I am that, after 30 years of making Birthday cakes for one child or another, I now have permission to go all out & BUY them. No more up until 4.00am trying to decorate the cake of their dreams in secret.

Just as well we have an awesome bakery called "Divine Desserts" specialising in cakes & deserts using only fresh ingredients to call on these days.
Although my first choice would have been the Tiramisu Cheesecake - I did bow to slightly less refined tastes & went for the Chocolate Mud Cake for this occasion.
Anyhooo - I managed to quickly capture the cake before it was devoured feverishly.... never to be seen again ;o)

As if they needed more chocolate....

Saturday, August 23, 2008

11 Year old Girls - oh my!

A dance - a chant ....a what????

Ahhh the lure of drives girls to do the silliest things....

This was before 3 hours swimming & playing on the hydro slide.....they haven't settled down any *sigh*

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Mumble Grumble Blardy Photo's

but still not of beads! Ha - had you fooled didn't I?

Today was spent, yes... ALL of today, trying to get photo's of something I have been fortunate enough to be allowed to sell on my website.
Sometime losing an earring can lead to good things - in my case it has :o)

Delivered by courier first thing this morning is my new range of "Ear Wings".

Half a day was spent finding the right colour background to photograph them against.....& getting a consistant colour with the silver.
It's now after midnight & I have just finished editing them - only to discover that the compression was set to a high default when I created the montage of them all. Oh well - it will only take a few minutes to re-do that step in the morning.

For now I'll get this copy up here....hopefully tomorrow I shall get them up on my website.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

HaPpY BiRtHdAy Baby Girl!

Today my baby turned 11 years old. Yep - Miss Gabriela Pinkerela is a baby no longer (still & will always be my baby girl though!).

I’m a fortunate Mum – this is the kid that whenever she is asked what she would like for her birthday – responds with “whatever you would like to get me”. Honestly – she means it! This year was no exception – but it was somewhat harder, because usually I know of at least a few things she has had her eye on, but not this time.

I literally had to beg her for idea’s yesterday – as I had just not come up with a single darn thing. I stopped asking when after the usual “whatever you want to get me” she decided to say “Welllllll …..aside from a horse, a laptop, a guitar or a Nintendo DS – I can’t think of anything” & we went shopping so she could choose instead.

She decided she’d like clothes….a sure sign of heading towards those teen years.
I managed to sneakily buy a book she had shown interest in on a sale table when we entered the mall – I’m impressed, it was a book on Digital Photography.

Miss Gabriela has had a good day – school followed by another trip to the mall & then dinner at Nana’s house…the perfect excuse to models one’s latest ensemble of course….nicely set off with a new ‘big girl’ sterling silver chain to set of her favorite bead – her pink heart from Mallory. Truly a big girl now!

Tah Dahhhh!

Last month I alluded to something I was fortunate enough to have been able to obtain as Kieran & Kerry's Engagement gift.

Yet again there is a bit of history here (now there's a surprise -lol!), as some may find the subject matter of what I am about to show a little morbid.

Kieran, as many know, is in the New Zealand Army. But it goes a little further back than that....Kieran was born on "ANZAC Day" - April 25th 1985.
ANZAC Day, in short, is similar to Memorial Day & Veterans Day in the USA. It's the day that the NZ & Australian forces landed in Gallipoli in WW1 - many lives were lost on that day.

In a way I always knew from early on that Kieran would be in the Military - I guess having a kid that tells you at 4 years old he is going to be a pilot in the Airforce is some small clue ;o) It wasn't a "when I grow up I want to be..." sort of thing - it was said with determination & absolute conviction.....right through until at the same time as he sat his NCEA exams - our country, in it's ultimate wisdom, decided that the Airforce didn't actually need Fighter planes. The airforce didn't happen - & Kierans life shifted somewhat.

Later, after a few years working in the hospitality industry, he picked up the threads & started looking at the Army. Personally I am thrilled - I like the Army uniform much better - somehow the airforce's looks a bit 'gay'.
Mind you if, I told you how well that boy can dance.......

I am not shallow ;o)

Anyway - here is the gift. The second I saw it, a few months back when it was first completed, it screamed 'Kieran' to me.
Under normal circumstances I would never buy art as a gift - never be presumptuous enough to choose something for anyone else. Art is such a personal thing.

My only hesitation, for this particular occasion, was that it would seem if it was intended more for Kieran than Kerry. It isn't - it's just significant. Something wonderfully bright & fitting to decorate the wall of their home on an Army base, that has a little more meaning than just an engagement gift.
The fact that it is Canterbury (his home region) colours of red & black is just an added bonus.

They were both absolutely blown away, loved it - in fact I could even say that a certain young man appeared a little overwhelmed. Those eye's were very bright & glistening.....

Blood Shed - Katie Ross April 2008

Monday, August 18, 2008

Meet a Very Special Young Lady


One of the guests at the engagement party was my cousin's daughter, Sophie.
Now I have blogged about Sophie back in May - so I wont go into too much history.

Sophie is an extraordinary young lady. Personally, I am still left wondering when she morphed from a gangly kid into this beautiful 15 year old person - it seems only a moment ago that I was carrying tired 10 year old to my car - because her newly fitted prosthetic leg was hurting her.
You see , Sophie lost a leg in an accident at 2 years old, at the time of the accident it was thought that she may loose both legs - fortunately she didn't.

In 8 days time she is heading towards Beijing to participate in the Paralymics which runs Sepetember 6-17th, following directly on the tail of the Olympics. Part of New Zealand's 3 man, or rather 2 man & 1 woman strong swim team - she is the youngest ever contender from this country.
That's no surprise to us - she gives able bodied adult woman a good run for their money in her chosen events & has in fact beat some of their national records.

Right now Sophie is a bit tired, she has a nasty cough & has been training hard out - swimming 50 kilometers (about 31 miles) per week, which she will continue to do until she competes in Beijing.

Wish her luck :o)

Sophie & some old chick

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Last night was Kieran & Kerry’s engagement party….I’m feeling a bit wilted this morning.
I just have to put one thing down while I actually remember what was said – because a certain encounter had me in almost uncontrollable laughter for the rest of the night.

There’s a bit of prestige associated with being in the Military….I think. There were a few of Kieran’s Army buddies there – in full on recreational mode, very relaxed & in some cases a bit the worse for wear.

A group of young men were standing around outside having a cigarette – there were a couple of non- smokers that had joined the group & the general conversation was being quite jocular about smoking & the public perception of army life….
At this point there was speculation why non smokers would stand outside in the cold of winter with those that were smoking as opposed to being inside in the warm.

The tail end of the conversation:

Mr civilian non smoker: it’s never bothered me being around people that smoke when I’m socializing.
Nathan: It should…..
Pause (whilst formulating semi coherant thought)
Nathan: more people are killed by passive smoking than actual smoking….
but that’s cool because I’m pleased to be doing my bit……..
I mean, I joined the Army to kill people….
(taking the micky out of an oft heard perception of why young men join the military - but in a kind of serious way)
Kieran: But Nathan .... you’re a Medic.

Ummmmm – at this point I almost doubled over, I know I burst into laughter to the point that I was spechless for a we while – can’t remember what I actually said....

Oh yeah – I knew there was a reason I felt so utterly comfortable with our country's safety being in such good hands ;o)

I did promise (or was that threaten) them, for the rest of the night, that little bit of "Army Intelligence" was going to make it onto the web!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Still not my beads

but I needed a challenge - maybe if I show my muse that I can get along without her...she will return.
She's going to have no darn choice next week anyway.

Two of these beautiful beads (the photo does not do them the justice they are so deserving of) have been in my 'collection' for some time. The stunning bead on the left, "Mirage" by Hec of Seraphim Flameworks sat in my small display cabinet for a wee while before it was joined by the equally impressive "Dusk till Dawn" by Karin aka Bead Fairy. There were beads displayed in between the two....for quite some time.

Eventually "Deb the obtuse" got both of the beads out for some reason ...(most likely just to fondle & drool over) & had a kind of 'hmmmmm' moment when she realised how very well the colours in both went with each other. Two beads with totally different shapes & sizes - a different feel & style, yet both had an ethereal quality that I love, a feeling of depth & movement & the seed of an idea started forming in the recesses of my brain without any real awareness that it was.
There had to be some way to marry them together in a piece.

Confession time; I'm really I am odd! I don't like even numbers! To me, even numbers are formal - a grouping of two doesn't look right. Think of it - two candle sticks placed on a mantle - one either end = FORMAL. Three candle sticks place dwith two at one one & one at the other = CASUAL. Yes, odd indeed - & don't even get me started on gardening or clothing styles.

A month or so ago the triplets, in the form of 3 lovely lentils, arrived as part of the "My Favorite Bead" exchange I had participated in on Lampworketc. Made by Sue Fitzwater (Soupy on LE), the second I saw them my mind went to the other two beauties & even before I rushed out to my studio to grab the leading man & leading lady I knew the cute supporting actors were going to work.

The final details are still fermenting in my brain - I know the overall look I want - now all that is left to do is go on a world wide search for the right colour natural semi precious gems & recruit the rest of the cast!

I'm thinking rich caramels, denim blues & just a touch of dark blue....nothing faceted or indeed sparkly in any way.
Anything come to mind ladies?

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A scent like no other....

well.... no other around at this time of year!

Something I miss dreadfully in no longer having a garden of my own, is wandering around in the early morning with a coffee in hand (often before I am dressed) & looking at what is pushing up through the ground, forming tiny buds or blooming.
I also miss being the early morning still damp garden smell & being able to bend & literally bury my nose in a bloom & inhale the scent.

A garden, although it may look dormant in the cold months of winter will always have something happening if you take the time to look closely. Last week, whilst on a walk, I noticed the hellebores flowering - although that's nothing new for a plant also known at a 'winter rose'.

Today, a visit to a friend, yeilded a bunch of freshly cut Daphne! Daphne odora - an early, heady assult on the senses signalling of the warmer days not too far ahead.
Ahhh mmmmmm...(can you see me with my nose buried in the shrubs at her place?) the first real heady scent of the season - Spring must be just around the corner.

My Little Bowl of Springtime - Daphne odora

Just thinking of all the delicious fragrances ahead ....Viburnum burkwoodii next, closely followed by the later flowering Daphne burkwoodii, then roses, lilies with their distinct array of scents from the trumpets, through oriental hybris & speciosums. Later, at the the height of summer, my all time favorite to smell on a warm summer evening Jasmin... oh yes I foresee quite a few walks this year in order to get my fixes of frangrance.

Don't worry if you hear of random reports about a woman seen with her nose buried in someone's flower bed - it'll just be me ;o)

Monday, August 11, 2008

My name is not "Lana" ;o)

Honest it isn't....even if my former boss used to call me "Lana" when I did certain things.
If you are wondering what I mean well all shall be revealed.

A couple of weeks ago I got a rather large parcel from the Grand Mecca of all things glassy - The U.S of A!

It was a fabulous parcel too - the biggest shipment of glass I have ever had & then some. In fact it was all so exciting that I just had to left it spread across the dining room table for a couple of days...or so.

Look at the Colourful Array of Loot!

Hey this is glass!! Eating can be done anywhere - but I needed to admire my glass & other treasures.
The family started making noises.

I came up with a plan.

I didn't want to put my pretty glass away just I decided to label it, thus making the colourful vision stretch a few more days(hey I couldn't possibly do it out in the studio where it was cold).

All nicely sorted & labelled - complete with their own hair ties!

Actually I wanted to label it all anyway - in fact the large yellow & purple pack of labels that came with my glass were purchased intentionally. I need to be organized & to start keeping track of exactly what I am using.
It's not so much when I go to get it out of the glass racks that I need to know - as all of my bundles have at least one labelled rod in them which is of course left until last.
Rather it's those 'brief child induced breaks' from the torch..... the type that often turn into anything BUT brief & before you know it, it's two days later & you sit back down only to find that you have no idea which blue coloured rod of silver glass or such that you have on your work area.

Now I just have to finish labelling all of my last 1 1/2 years stash of rods!!!

Oh yes! My former boss, the lovely Bronwyn - well she couldn't very well call me anal in front of a gallery full of customers ;o)

Saturday, August 09, 2008

The Eagle has Landed - oh yeah!

or rather the Exotic wee birdy called Rigatoni has!

Rigatoni - the Brave

Rigatoni's story began in May - at that point he wasn't even a twinkle in his Exotic Birdy Creator Momma's Eye. Really it's all Mallory's fault ....hey I have to blame someone sweety ;o)

Anyone who knows me has probably realised that I don't 'do' cute (or frilly, fluffy, flowery or frou frou) - however this doesn't mean that I don't like the odd bit of cute (frilly, fluffy, flowery or frou frou) - & it certainly doesn't mean that I can't admire immensely the work, effort & skill that goes into cute (frilly, fluffy.....nevermind you get the picture).

I'm just a plain 'n' practical girl, I love earthy & tribal.... well mostly. I am however a huge sucker for colour & a darn good story. Certain things will call to me.

Mallory (bless her cotton socks) got a treasury. In her Treasury was featured one of Marcy Lamberson of "Studio Marcy" little character beads - a wee guy called "Stromboli". I duly clicked & commented - then went back to look again at the colourful Stromboli.

Please click the link & look at him - what's more read what Marcy's description - I may bore you to tears - but believe me Marcy's will have you smiling.

Over the next few hours Stromboli was one of those pieces that just kept popping back into my head - so I went back looked & read again, then knowing that I had to have him I clicked & bought! Sang "Happy Mothers Day to me (well it was Mothers Day here) & congratulated myself on a most wise choice - lol!

Alas, Stromboli failed to arrive in New Zealand...personally I didn't blame him, I wouldn't want to trade a South Carolina summer for a NZ winter either. Marcy was an absolute honey to deal with - she'd happily offered to replace him & I'd just as happily said that I would wait, secretly hoping that Stomboli the Original would turn up eventually & that he'd just taken a slight detour - or perhaps a somewhat more scenic route.

We both suspected that the little rascal had made a stop off on the way via some beautiful Tropical Island where he was happily soaking up an atmosphere that was almost as exotic & stunning as he believed himself to be - only fitting really.

Eventually, of course, I had to acknowledge defeat & knowing that the wonderful Marcy was just waiting for the nod from me - let her know that I felt the time had come to send Stromboli's cousin.

I'm happy to say that "Rigatoni" made it here in under a week. Rigatoni is also, in my opinion, the Cap'n Jack Sparrow of Exotic birds - he's a tad more flambouyant than Stromboli & I suspect he doesn't have quite the unjustified delusions of grandeur that Stromboli did... & the wisdom to know that he would be cherished when he landed.

Oh Yeah - I'm Here!

Rigatoni was actually doing a little happy dance in this shot - but you may not be able to pick it up.

Friday, August 08, 2008

Excuse #103.5 why I have not hit the torch!

But really - right now I’m feeling pretty darn pleased with myself.

Recently I have been acknowledging that fact that my computer is O.L.D – to old to perform the way I need it too. I’ve known that poor beastie is an aging behemoth for some time now – it’s the oldest one in this house. Its original tower was purchased in 1999 & over the years upgraded…. by me.
Rather than continue to moan about it – knowing that I can’t have a new one – I decided to do something about it.

But lets wander back in time for a bit….
I had to learn to workings of a computers innards in a hurry – the company I purchased my first one from went bust within months – about the same time that my wee 10GB, Pentium II, 256MB RAM machine (that I’d paid a LOT for) with Windows ME on it crashed….in a big way. Bit by bit I learned how to add memory, sound & video cards format a hard Drive, flash the BIOS, change boot sequences, format HDD’s & Install operating systems…. & a whole ton of other stuff – I even used to fix friends machines for them.
But somewhere along the way I got lazy – when I met Allan he was pretty good with all that sort of thing…you know the rest I found better things to do & just wanted a machine that worked well when I went to use it.

For years I have used 2 monitors & discovered that I really don’t like just having to use one. Two monitors make so many things so much easier – three would be even better!!!
Recently my poor old secondary monitor, a 14” CRT – decided that enough was enough – it was so dark that I could barely see a document open on it.
Now, my reason for still wanting to run a CRT rather than 2 LCD’s, is that recently it was pointed out to me that my listing photo’s looked quite dark.
They don’t look dark on my LCD , in fact they look over bright to me at times, but I do realise that there are a lot of people that are still running CRT’s – so a happy medium had to be reached.

Yesterday I went shopping at a store that deals primarily in pre used (mainly leased) computers & spent some of my money on a ‘new to me’ 17” CRT monitor with a decent enough picture….I might have also bought a ‘new to me’ keyboard (I seem to kill my Microsoft Ergonomic boards quite quickly), & just to be safe I may have also chucked in a 2GB Flash Drive.

I’ve been happy with this beastie for years & it has only been very recently that I have come to accept that further upgrading is futile, my poor old 40GB HDD is just not big enough any more….that could be easily & cheaply upgraded - but
it’s MB isn’t capable of running the amount of RAM needed to run the programs I use effectively…..& it’s been running hot!

Having to pull things out to plug in the new monitor, I decided to open up the case & check for dust…we wont even go there – dust was the understatement of the year when it comes to what was inside that baby!!! LOL!
While I was at it I decided that I’d at least try to put in the USB2 card that I purchased about a year ago – but never dropped in at the time because I was told that my MB “probably wouldn’t support USB2”. It does!

Then I asked Allan if there were any spare smaller HDD’s around – just to give me a wee bit more space. I’ve always resisted second hand HDD’s – you just never know what might have been on them - & if you’ve been virus free for 7+ years – why risk it. But hey .... I’m desperate & as it turns out there was a 20GB that I could try.
So I did & I feel like I have a new machine. It’s still not the fastest – but it has more room, 4 extra USB ports & a new’ish monitor & keyboard – all for $60.00 & a wee bit of fiddling. The MB probably feels pretty good relieved of it’s dust burden too - & the fans will certainly run easier without their share of the inisdious dust.

What’s more I realised that I haven’t forgotten how to hook things up inside a case & also that I quiet enjoy it. Not as much fun as melting glass perhaps – but in it’s own way equally as rewarding.

Clean Mean Fighting Machine!

The New Set Up

(can you see what is perched on the coner of my monitor Mallory?)

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Yee haaaaa!

Remember the green? Or to be specific – the green & unnatural Pink! One way or another if affected a couple of us some weeks back – even though we are half a world apart .

The lovely Angelina was out & about in her Mom’s garden spotting the ‘unnaturally’ bright pink she had found in nature ;o) ….then sharing it with us.
Me, well I was making green beads for a custom order….a very loose custom order – of the sort where the customer says ”I want a bead for my partners birthday – she likes green”. Ummm – style? Shape? ….any colours other than green?

Admittedly it did get a bit more specific after that – Tony is an artist, a very talented artist in my opinion – but then I have always been a fan of his. He’s random & fun - it reflects in his wonderful quirky art. He’s also very much like me in that he would know what he liked when he saw it.
So a trial run where I made some green beads (well greenish really) & he came & looked, narrowed down the preferred shape & size & added a couple of extra colours into the pot – the green & pink beads ensued.

A couple of days ago he came to make his choice – after lot’s of fondling & playing with Sterling Wire & various Bali & Hill Tribe silver - he decided on not one , but three beads & we agreed I’d have them wired up & ready today. Can you imagine it???

I couldn’t believe it – I was absolutely ecstatic. He paid me then & there – very generously above the quoted price, I might add.

Today he called & we made a time for him to come around & collect them. Eventually the doorbell rang & as I approached the front door – I see this wonderful young man bouncing up & down like a kid – doing a happy dance at my front door – lol!

As I opened the door the bouncing continued & a hand extended towards me with a lovely bottle of Red Wine. I asked what it was for - & got a wonderful – “to say thank you” – now isn’t that just the sweetest thing?

What makes this even more special is that I know things aren’t easy for Tony – his art is his sole livelihood. With the current economy here – art sales have slowed down considerably, but unlike some – Tony has the courage of his convictions & knows that if he hangs in there without compromising his beliefs – things will get better. By hanging in there he is also showing that he is serious about his work to others – that I admire immensely.

Not only has that young man restored my somewhat flagging confidence & motivation – he’s also restored my faith that in this day & age, when on many a street & in many a mall you will see a total absence of manners from a lot of the younger generation, there are people that stand out from the rest & will go that extra distance to show both manners & appreciation beyond what is necessary.

Of course the icing on the cake was when he asked for some business cards – “because all her friends are going to want one too.. when they see them”. I’m beaming from ear to ear! Tomorrow I may even tell you what I spent some of the money on – lol!

For now though, these are two of the beads he chose.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

What's been keepin' ya....

from torching Deb?

Oh heaps of things really - but I could have made time in the evenings ....if I hadn't had a special side project that I wanted to complete.

I love knitting - I haven't done much in recent years, the price of wool here has sky rocketed & well..... to be honest I'm a snob. I loathe knitting with anything other than 100% pure wool. Acrylic - yuk! It's doesn't slip each stitch off of your needle the same - wool just glides off, acrylics resist - they drag & kind of squeak as if they need oiling as you knit each stitch off.
It just doesn't feel the same whilst working it - & it certainly doesn't knit up the same.

Don't get me wrong - some of the newer polymides & blends aren't too bad ,& there are some fabulous textured yarns (I won't mention the wonderful new silk & bamboo yarns - yum) but for babies it has to be cotton or wool ....not any old wool, but baby wool, 100% pure & new, fine & soft as down to the touch.

So this is what I've been doing - knitting for some brand new, extremely special wee babies. I've enjoyed every second of it too - maybe I shall do some more.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008


A wee while back I was approached by a lovely lady named Linda Lawrence, saying that she would like to spolight me as a Feature Artist on her Blog. WoW!
I was blown away - yes you guessed it my first thought was 'are you sure you have got the right person?'.

Linda aka
Bella Bead Jewelry had contacted me via LEST, (LampworkEtc Etsy Street Team) a forum where we are both members. I have to admit to feeling a little apprehensive - as I am still such a comparative newbie to all of this & do tend to see my work with a rather critical eye, I also wondered what on earth I could offer that would be in the slightest bit interesting to anyone who should read her blog.

I looked at Linda's LEST Profile, her blog &
Etsy Store. I was blown away by the beautiful disks, fun flowers, & wonderful clean crisp designs she makes - in a multitude of bright colours....everything I set out wanting to do, but for some reason just can't quite get there.
It's funny when you think that one of the reasons Linda contacted me was that we had the same likes & interests in a lot of things!

Of course Linda made it easy for me, there was no pressure or rush & she provided me with a list of 7 questions to answer - & I answered them. She chose one of my beads to show along with what she had posted & also provided links to my Etsy store.

I was, & still am, incredibly flattered... not to mention still somewhat incredulous that someone noticed me out of all the incredible talent in the lampworking community.

Thank you Linda :o)

Hundertwasser - the bead Linda chose to use in her blog.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

WoW - where have they gone?

The last 14 years that is!!!

This time yesterday - I was sitting here catching up on everyone's wonderful blogs, fully aware that it was my older daughters birthday "tomorrow" - when all of a sudden I realised that it was actually already tomorrow....... & exactly what I had been doing at this time 14 years ago - eeek!

No gory details from this chick - but Michaela arrived fact to darn quick! I went from cleaning up after pouring some levelling compound in the house we were restoring at the time - to having a baby in the course of 1 3/4 hours -LOL!

So here we are 14 years later - & sometimes it seems those 14 years have passed almost as quickly as that 105 minutes did all that time ago.

She's had a cruisy day today - (14 years olds are far to cool to show excitement about their birthdays), mind you she is having friends around (& some will be staying over- eek!) next weekend. That'll be event #1, out of the 3 this month, out of the way.

So for me it's a quick visual trip down memory lane ;o)

10 Days Old & Boy was I worried about where her eylashes were!

16 Days Old - Still worried about the lack of lashes.

3 Months - Oh yeah .... that's PINK I have her in! (& there's lashes!)

Some times you have to dress up like girls!!

9 Months - Oh yeah - now who was worried about lashes???!!

13 Months - The first signs of a 'wheel' obsession!

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The motto - enjoy every moment when they are little, at times it seems as if it flies by almost as quickly as you can scroll through these photos & you're left wondering where it went.....besides when they get bigger they take ownership of the phone!! Pity they don't do the same with the phone bill ;o)

Friday, August 01, 2008

My Muse May Have Taken Flight - But the Ducks Have Landed!

Winter in Christchurch, New Zealand, Southern Hemisphere has's wet & it's Official ;o)


We've been extremly fortunate actually - as far as I'm concerned it has been mild, most days have been bright & not to cold at all. To hear some you wouldn't think so - the first sign of a temperature drop & they are moaning about how cold it is.
We've had a minimal ammount of frosts & very little rain - until now.

Now let me tell you that I am the queen of anti-cold. I loathe & detest it, & feel it through to my bones. It makes me miserable.

I love heat - as far as I'm concerned the more heat the better, I will never complain about a really hot day. Rock on evenings where it's in low 30's at 10.00pm at night I say (around 89 degrees farenheit) - bother that was in Australia - it seldom happens here.

If I say it 'aint cold - it 'aint cold! This my first winter in a new house, instead of old villa's, or refurbished bungalows is the warmest I have been in 30 years, & boy does that make a difference to the way I feel, about everything.

That clever muse of mine - she knew it was going to rain. I suspect that's why she took off, I've a feeling she loves heat even more than I. Looking out of my bedroom window in the morning isn't exactly inspirational right now (in fact the neighbours yard to the left never is - can you tell?)
Maybe a torch session anyway will bring her back - Good idea Cindy ;o)