Sunday, May 27, 2012

Doubly Blessed

Ever since I can remember I have wanted my own piece of NZ Jade - or Greenstone/Pounamu as it is called here. I recall as a child looking at a wonderful piece my grandmother had in her jewelry collection & later wondering what happened to that when she passed away.

Recently I expressed my desire to have something to take with me to Australia & my two wonderful sons bought me this gorgeous piece of carved Greenstone/Pounamu - a Fish Hook (Hei-Matau) with a Fern frond (Koru) worked into it. 

All I knew was that I wanted a Hei-Matau & it wasn't until after this piece chose me that I realised there was a Koru worked into it as well.

When I was told of the traditional Maori meaning of the two symbols worked into this piece I understood why this piece had caught my eye &, more importantly, that of my son.

Hei-Matau, the fish hook, represents strength & prosperity and is said to represent good luck and safety when travelling over water.

The Koru, or fern frond, represents peace and tranquillity along with a strong sense of regrowth or new beginnings. 

There is a long history surrounding Pounamu & requirements that must be met before it can be sold. According to ancient lore it should be gifted....with love.

For a lovely excerpt from a Barry Brailsfords Book "The Story of Pounamu The Sacred Stone of Aotearoa"  scroll down the page in the link.