Friday, April 18, 2008

Did I say New Beginnings?

How wrong can one be?

Almost two years since the first post - this is rather more of an 'old ending' !

In my case "very" would be an understatement. I have always said that a Diary is no use to me, as if I remembered to write in it - I would forget to read it. I guess that's why I now have a nice new 2008 planner, with lovely, crisp, fresh but oh so blank pages.

My needlework did progress after the start of this blog - but try as I might I just couldn't stay with any sort of 'rotation' plan. The concept was great - but the reality was that when I had done the allocated 10 hours on a piece, I'd then want to do "just a bit more" & see what that wee block of stitches revealed.

Then there was the effort of taking the piece in question off of the frame & setting up the next piece....& what if I lost the wonderful rhythm I had gotten into of almost instinctively knowing what colour floss to use next - can see it can't you? Procrastination!!

Sooooo - two weeks down the track I would still be working on the same piece...until I eventually got to a boring bit, or Spring arrived...not sure which happened first.

Life got busy - & somewhat interesting. My ex sister in law died after a 3 month battle with cancer - the girls were of course exposed way to much to the final days by their Dad, whom I feel used them as his crutch. It was rather an unsettling time for everyone.
Next my youngest son moved home while he waited for his intake to do the Basic Training course in the New Zealand Army. Then, 5 days after his graduation on the 9th December, my beloved Dad died rather suddenly.
Life hasn't really been the same since, & whilst I don't expect that it will ever be it does go on. A
lot that is positive has come out of it - but that is for another time & perhaps another blog ;o)