Tuesday, March 16, 2010

1 More Sleep or....

18 Hours 5 Minutes
until we can start moving into the new place.
I can't wait!

Monday, March 08, 2010

Pure Self Indulgence

Then there are the days when the best laid plans go awry.

Time to pack up the real shoes, anything that I can live without for the next 10 days. It appears that there are quite a few I can live without.
There are many that haven't been on my feet since I stopped working at Heart of Art almost two years ago.

Then there are a few more besides. You know the type; the beautiful leather in colours that you just can't resist, pointy toes, sleek heels & what's more they are exactly what is needed to complete that outfit that you are going to wear to *insert special occasion here*.

The type that will most likely never see your feet again.

Unless you are moving & take a few minutes out for some pure unadulterated self indulgence.

Oh yeah!

Pretty amazing considering this comes from the person that will blatantly state that she thinks there should only be two types of shoes....flip flops & boots.

Same person isn't even going to get into how many pairs she has packed of those!

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Plans, Schemes and Lightbulbs

Packing to move. Bah humbug!!

Determined not to become overwhelmed I had a plan....& "sub plans"

I have more or less followed to them too. I can't believe how calm & organized I have been.
I started with the miniature shoe collection - all 250+ of them. Each has it's own wee shoe box, but as the last move taught me the easy part is packing them down. The hard part is unpacking them & remembering where in the display they looked the best, when I get to the other end.

I was thinking about this as I packed the first few away, having started with my favourites; the western/cowboy boots.

Then I had a brain wave.
Well actually it was a rather obvious solution that I had simply never thought of before.
Photograph them, in situ.

The first few we hurriedly put back into the display cabinet, & I photographed each shelf.
Ahhh the joys of modern technology!

A day later & I had this ....& 6 others like it!

Friday, March 05, 2010

A Beautiful Idea

A while ago I was invited by Evie Shaffer, an artist & fellow Etsy seller to take a look at her beautiful idea.

Evie's idea is a way for artists to get involved in making a difference in the world by connecting artists to charity.

This caught my eye & was certainly food for thought. Of course, given that the current charity is World Vision's Haiti Earthquake Relief, I just couldn't resist.

It's simple:
Sign Up & design one item for A Beautiful Idea
Sell your item
Donate 100% to A Beautiful Idea's donation centre.

This can be a one time, once a month or one item continually participation. The choice is yours.

If you are not an artist you can always help by having a look through the shop on the A Beautiful Idea website.

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Living in a Fish Bowl

It's a given that once you are moving something aside from the disruption of packing to move to the new place is going to happen to the house you are currently living in.
In our case this place will be rented out to someone else. Which of course means that people will want to look through it.

That is no big deal in itself . Our landlord put the thing on the market 6 weeks after we moved in, having signed a 1 year minimum tenancy agreement, so I am quite used to feeling as if I live in a fish bowl.
From that moment on this place was never going to feel like 'home' for me. Of course it helped that they put an over inflated price on it & I knew that it wouldn't sell.

Still, I didn't much like having all my 'stuff' plastered across the web on real estate websites.....even if the fact that not a single one of them had the 'specs' right on this place gave me more than one slightly incredulous laugh.

If I choose to show my belongings on my blog & selected forums that is one thing, but to have every room in the house full of my stuff shown, along with the address, & without having been asked just seemed a bit invasive somehow. Oh yeah, double standards for sure ;)

So back to the beginning, & the house that is now available for rent. The landlord has chosen to use some existing images, & updated the terms it appears.

Location: St. Albans, Christchurch City
Available: 21 March 2010
Furnishings: Gas oven, spa bath, heat pump, underfloor­ heating
In the area: Close to all amenities,­ right opposite St Albans park.
Parking: Double garage
Ideal tenants: Family or profession­als

5 bedroom house with 2 bathrooms.

Sunny 2 storey family home great location, opposite St Albans park. 2 bathrooms.

Suitable for up to 6 tenants.
No pets or smokers.

636a barbadoes streetSo what is that in the middle of the bed then.......

And no - I shan't split hairs & mention that it is not actually available until 22nd March...or that it doesn't have a heat pump & the only underfloor heating is in the kitchen.
Then again I would have most likely put 'hearing impaired' in the 'ideal tenant' field ;)

Monday, March 01, 2010

All Things Bright

I haven't forgotten Haiti, not in the slightest. I've still been making the hearts but have eased the pressure on myself a little by placing them in the display at the Cafe, instead of taking the time to photograph & list, while I am packing for this move.

They are selling quite well there too :)

This pink one was a custom order.

This orange one was 'because I can'.

Both are sold.


As I walked down to the cafe today, I noticed something new.

Autumn it might officially be but it is still wonderfully warm, if a bit overcast. The cicada's are still making their wonderful noise in the tree's over at the park , but as I turned towards the sound I realised with a start that the edges of the leaves on some of the trees are showing the slightest hint of turning yellow around the edges. How did that happen?

I am sure they weren't like that last week. Sneaksy, tricksy autumn is worming it's way in, stealthily & surreptitiously arriving when it thinks I am not noticing.

Well I am noticing & guess what Autumn - I'm smiling at you!
Another imprint to take with me in a little over two weeks time.