Thursday, April 29, 2010

IN...& Loving it #4

I haven't met the neighbours yet, but I've made heaps of new friends...

Praying mantis are busy laying their eggs everywhere, the females at least!

There are loads of spiders around, I have never seen such a variety of decent sized spiders. When one is spotted the reaction varies... the girls run squealing & calling for me to remove them from wherever they have been spotted. I run for the camera.

The markings on this beauty are wonderful!

This is Siris, my eldest son Jeremy's new baby. He's such a honey, & has visited a couple of times since we have been here. Funny, we don't see the cats around when he visits ;)

Not quite as pretty as the spider above, but still interesting.

I haven't seen any lizards or geckos, but my lovely copper gecko has finally found a place that he can hang outside.

Monday, April 26, 2010

IN...& Loving it #3

New house, new garden, new obsessions.....

I spent some time watching the artichoke progress from immature flower 'bud' into full bloom. Fascination & my love of watching plants I have never grown before develop through to maturity easily outruled any desire to cut the flower heads that were still immature enough to harvest & eat when we moved in.

Then there is 'that' Palm tree. What an absolute joy to look out at it every time I pass through the lounge or go out the front door.

Friday, April 23, 2010

In...& Loving it #2

A few of the house & outdoor living.

Pretty ordinary from the street, but that's ok because I dont have to look at it ;)

This was what appealed to me - a decent size patio & NO fence right in my face!!

I'm sure that some people gasp when I say that the house is right on a small 'round-about', but I have to say that this is a view that I never get tired of!

An unexpected bonus was discovered in the vege garden.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

IN...& Loving it

I've been remiss! We moved in & so much has happened since that it would be impossible to even try & catch up here.

Life can sure get eventful, especially when you have things you need to get done it seems. How about I catch up in pictures....

Everyone is happier!
Happy kids, who it seems can never be too old for a cardboard carton & a small slope....

The Loner cat
The Stoner cat...