Monday, May 03, 2010

IN...& Loving it #6

The wonderful weather has also allowed for some late in the season garden purchases.

Initially I was somewhat disappointed as it was quickly discovered that due to the way the garden is laid out & the rather stringent rules surrounding what tenants can & can't do, seemed somewhat prohibitive.
The 'garden' is primarily grasses, which I could normally work around. However these uninspiring specimens have been firmly embedded in weed mat & then covered by a rather thick layer of bark.

I love colour. I love variety & texture in both leaves & flowers.
Something had to be done....

Pots it was. Just as well I had loads of terracotta pots! Even better that it was sale time at a lot of the local plant nurseries.

Just a little bit scary that over the last 8 weeks I have filled in excess of 20 terracotta pots with plants, & have even snuck in a couple of purchases of more pots....

Woke up to a slight 'oopsy' one morning. I hadn't properly checked the rope holding my hanging pots & didn't realise that one in particular had perished almost all the way through whilst unused over the last few years.

It had speared itself nicely into the harm done to either pot or plant.

This strip of fence would be the perfect place for a doesn't get much sun apart from in the mornings, & I can imagine a few tree ferns underplanted with hostas, solomons seal & astrantias & bleeding hearts. Yep, I see a blank space & my wee mind goes right into planning mode. But for now the pots will have to do.

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