Monday, July 26, 2010


I LOVE  'em!

Here's why....
Yep, I go Line Dancing & I love it!! 

There - I said it & it didn't hurt a bit ;)

Roll your eyes if you like. I've managed to weather the incredulous looks & the ''OMG ...Line Dancing???'' comments so far & I really don't give a rats.

Over the last few years, having lived in smaller homes that have no real gardens to speak of & with spending a lot of my worktime sitting at either the torch or a computer, things have started spreading somewhat. This is my way of hopefully controlling the spread. Who knows I may even reverse it, going three times a week as I am right now. I have clothes I want to fit back into.

Any which way it is better than being sedentary for best part of the day & letting various body parts seize up, because I tell you I've noticed aches in the mornings (& other parts of the day) where not so many years ago there were none....
One way to get rid of aches is exercise. I have that on good authority.

To those of  you who haven't rolled your eyes, dropped your jaw & looked as if you are trying to briefly catch flies when I have mentioned Line Dancing...Thank You :)

Baby Boy - thank you for not being one of the above, & also for letting your Baby come along & join me when she can. To my darling Mum - you deserve thanks just for encouraging me in everything I do :)

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