Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Crush on Copper

It's that time again! No, not heading in a rush & a whirl towards Christmas, although it is that time as well!

It's time to get some creative juices flowing, time for some Artistic Growth & Nurturing of the Creative Spirit. Mallory & I have chatting on Skype about how to challenge our creativity by thinking outside the square.
Do you remember the Freaky Friday Challenges that my lovely friend Mallory of Rosebuds Lampwork Beads & For The Love of Beads Blog & I used to do? If you don't, or you are new to my blog you can find mine here & Mallory's here.

The great news is that we are at it again!! Always so wonderful at encouraging others Mallory has come up with the idea of doing something similar to the Freaky Friday Challenges. This time we aren't going to restrict it to lampwork beads alone - we are going to explore new mediums & new ways of using the mediums we work in.

Looking back at those blog posts I couldn't believe how much we have both changed & grown in our lampworking since then. This time we are going to focus on other mediums, but will bring our beads into it in   "new to us" ways at a later date.

At this point we are going to make it a Monthly Challenge as we feel this way we give ourselves permission & time to fully explore each medium we decide on. Quite possibly ideas will develop as we experiment & play with our chosen mediums & further mini challenges will result.

Since both of us have started working with copper & developed quite a crush on it our first challenge is going to be using copper wire & copper shapes. The only guideline is that the wire is to be in the form of  a Love me Knot, but after that anything goes.
This should be fun!!

The reveal will be posted on our blogs on November 24th  - so check back then. Of course if you ask nicely, we may just be tempted to show a teaser ;-)

Check out Mallorys "Crush on Copper"  blog post for her side of the story.


rosebud101 said...

This is going to be so much fun!!!! I hope that everyone follows these challenges and grows with us!

angelinabeadalina said...

You two make a great creative collective via the 'net, Deb. Like I said on Mallory's blog, I wonder what you'd do if you lived next door to one another!