Wednesday, February 02, 2011

The Holidays are Over too Quickly

I'm not so sure that I'm looking forward to my baby girl starting High School tomorrow as it represents the end of an era for all of us. That said it is exciting & I know that, regardless of age, Gabriela will always be my baby girl!

I wonder what the future holds for her over these next few years that will gently shape her into the adult she was always meant to become.
I pray that I'll have the vision to see what she needs even when she thinks she doesn't need it, the wisdom to keep my thoughts to myself when she doesn't want to hear them & the strength to set her free to fly unhindered along  her own path when the time comes.

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you're an awesome mom Deb..

we love you .. Gabby's a lucky girl 2 have such a
interested in LIFE MOMMA ..