Monday, July 25, 2011

Snow Day!!

Or rather it would be if the kids were at school instead of home because it is the School Holidays.

The anticipated dump of snow eventuated & this morning I awoke to the wonderful still, muffled silence that only a good layer of snow blanketing the city can bring. Utter peace! I well recall the feeling of stillness & silence that only a decent layer of snow can bring & knew before I even looked out of the window that the snow had given us a something quite special to wake up to. I wasn't disappointed.
Today was quite magical - although I'm not so sure I will feel that way when it melts.

Levi had a blast - the dog who doesn't like to go out in the rain & get wet became the unstoppable snow dog. Cavorting around the back garden & racing circuits that quickly spoiled the pristine white too fast for me to capture on camera!
There were a few still moments though.

 Hesitant at first!

 Figures that it's safe to play & explore.

What's that? You say I need longer legs??

Gabriela took her Dad up on the offer of a ride up to Waipara & took my old small point & shoot camera with her. I would have loved to have been on that wee trip!


Bobbie Pene said...

How beautiful....we just have cold here in Auckland - no snow :( I watched the news last night and thought it was so neat that all the dogs seemed to go crazy and loved frolicking in the snow. Enjoy the picturesque snow even if it makes things a tad more chilly than usual :)

angelinabeadalina said...

Wow, lucky Levi, getting to discover snow while he's still a young doggie! Your mild winters would be wonderful, but I think I might miss snow if it only appeared occasionally.

lynsey said...

gosh this planet is an amazing place, we're baked in sunshine here in the Uk while you're blanketed in snow. Beautiful pictures

Deb said...

Bobbi - strangely enough it isn't as cold when it snows as it is when we have a hard frost. Maybe it's just a different sort of cold...or perhaps excitements makes us all oblivious to!
It's pretty that's for sure & this city needs some 'pretty' right now ;)

Ang - yes, Levi is the consummate clown I'm afraid. His antics would have been better captured by video ;)

Hi Lynsey & welcome to down under. My Mum is from the UK & she's loving this. I must say the temptation to put Christmas music on was almost overwhelming ;)