Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Last Day of Summer

As I sit here ruminating over the fact that it's the last hour of the last day of February - I also suddenly realise that it's officially the last day of Summer for us down here in the Southern Hemisphere.
I feel cheated!!! What the heck has happened to this last month. It certainly hasn't been very summery - in fact most of our Summer hasn't been very summery at all. I also realise that I'm now running about two weeks behind on my "moving plan". Yes, shocking I know, I actually had a plan.

It was quite simple really - nothing to radical or structured.
Plan A went something like this;
  • Get quotes for International move & discover what sort of cost we are up for.
  • Decide what I can live without & what needs replacing anyway
  • Find out cubic meterage from quotes & figure what to sell off/get rid of.
  • Assemble cartons & packing gear
  • Start sorting through 33 years of photos, keepsakes & memorabilia  stuff'
  • Clean items that have been stored ready for listing.
  • Photograph & List what is being sold on local auction site
  • Sort kitchen, pack crockery, cutlery & pans that are going with us, leaving the stuff I am giving away to use until we leave. Ditto with small appliances.
  • Start on prepack of belongings that aren't needed in the interim
  • Torch - play with glass & fire
  • Paint
  • Beat up Metal
  • Torch More
  • Paint more - may as well take some those canvases over the ditch with something on them & use some of my paints up in the process.
  • Beat Up metal more
  • Torch even more
  • Pack Studio
  • Tidy Garden
  • Clean House
It was also a little selfish in a way. I wanted to allow myself March to get some serious torching in before packing up my studio for goodness knows how long & to complete some other projects that have been floating around in my head for goodness knows how long.

There wasn't a "Plan B" &, as you will no doubt notice, "Plan A" didn't involve stuffing up of a rotator cuff, bursitis, the discovery of calcium deposits, surgical procedures or cortisone injections. Ten days completely out of action - & now I'm forced to behave because it still hurts to reach too far or lift heavy stuff (truth be told it hurts to lift even light stuff) among a whole heap of other things. But at least I can type again without almost crying at every movement....& lift up my camera :)

I'm not so sure I'm going to get any melting of glass in, I definitely wont be pounding metal & I'm mightily bummed about both of those things. Maybe I'll be able to paint a little - my big easel is fully adjustable in all respects & angles.

Meanwhile a certain someone seems to feel that he is is more than ready to go at any time....
Nestled among the packed cartons in the garage indeed! Why isn't he packing, or lifting heavy schit.....

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Anonymous said...

LOL - Cats have staff and that is why you are doing the packing. Sorry to hear about the medical stuff Deb. So not fun....