Monday, February 16, 2009

Breaking out the stash

Along the way of this journey in discovering the secret to stringer control (aside from the incorrectly perceived tedium of PPP) - I have discovered that in order to really learn, you have to get to know your glasses - intimately!

Not only does finding that sweet spot in flame matter - but how each glass reacts in that sweet spot. There is only one answer for that - try all the types of glasses that you have.

Of course this leads to 'what shall I use this stringer on' - which in itself leads to a whole new lot of experimenting. Because I seemed to be perverse & started with practising my control on small spacer size beads I made a lot of test beads. This in turn forced me to use something to 'pretty' up the base bead when practising with a plainer glass stringer - enter 'frit', which I have previously avoided like the plague, because I have had so little success with it.

"Thai Teal"
I think that has changed! Now I'm enjoying playing with stringer AND playing with frit.


rosebud101 said...

Those are purty beads!

Anonymous said...

deb these are just beautiful what a colour that is a lot of practise and so even as well from the girl who says she cant make beads the same pretty dam good to me but we will see what the experts have to say i just love your beads pat