Wednesday, February 04, 2009

It's all about compromise

or perhaps I have been invaded by the Pink Fairy.
It was with much amazement that in my travels taking the pre-teen to her new school yesterday morning, I spotted a rather pink car parked a wee way up the road. Even though I was turning to head in the opposite direction my mind absorbed the details (over & above it's vibrant colour!) & realised that it was the shape of times past.
So later I came home, grabbed my camera & went & took a photo of it!

OK - so it's not a colour I'd choose for a beauty like this - but the very first thought that went through my head was "Hey that'd be the perfect combination for the "Mallory & Deb" version of Thelma & Louise. The mailleman later asked if he could be Brad - I said "nope , the 3rd person would have to be Ang"! Of course our road trip would have a far better ending....probably with Ang & I deciding what the next colour should be ;o)

As if that is not enough pink for one year - today I made a trip to the dreaded mall to get myself some business supplies....doesn't that sound professional?? (actually it was a Portfolio to help with planning my time). Of course I was in a book store so just couldn't help but notice some interesting titles as I went past the shelves.
The title caught my attention - then I realised that the book was pink.

"With a title like "Can we help it if we're fabulous?" - who could resist. Picking it up & glancing inside I found myself letting out not so subtle sounds of barely suppressed laughter. I suspect I am going to have to buy this book very soon - even if it is pink!
Check out the link above to Peta's website to read a bit more about it & find out about the personality that is Peta (a well known TV presenter & chef here in NZ) or here to read the official blurb.


angelinabeadalina said...

OMG, what a PINK car! WooooooHoooooooo, that does have "wild road trip" written all over it, doesn't it? Tell the Mailleman if he'll just scootch over a bit, we can both sit in Brad's spot :) I'm glad you went back to snap a pic!

Now, for Peta's book, that looks like one good for an all evening read. . .straight through, no stopping except to reach for chocolate/drink/savorysnack.

rosebud101 said...

Deb, I truly believe that you are going over to the pink side! You are almost pinkinistic!