Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Living in a Fish Bowl

It's a given that once you are moving something aside from the disruption of packing to move to the new place is going to happen to the house you are currently living in.
In our case this place will be rented out to someone else. Which of course means that people will want to look through it.

That is no big deal in itself . Our landlord put the thing on the market 6 weeks after we moved in, having signed a 1 year minimum tenancy agreement, so I am quite used to feeling as if I live in a fish bowl.
From that moment on this place was never going to feel like 'home' for me. Of course it helped that they put an over inflated price on it & I knew that it wouldn't sell.

Still, I didn't much like having all my 'stuff' plastered across the web on real estate websites.....even if the fact that not a single one of them had the 'specs' right on this place gave me more than one slightly incredulous laugh.

If I choose to show my belongings on my blog & selected forums that is one thing, but to have every room in the house full of my stuff shown, along with the address, & without having been asked just seemed a bit invasive somehow. Oh yeah, double standards for sure ;)

So back to the beginning, & the house that is now available for rent. The landlord has chosen to use some existing images, & updated the terms it appears.

Location: St. Albans, Christchurch City
Available: 21 March 2010
Furnishings: Gas oven, spa bath, heat pump, underfloor­ heating
In the area: Close to all amenities,­ right opposite St Albans park.
Parking: Double garage
Ideal tenants: Family or profession­als

5 bedroom house with 2 bathrooms.

Sunny 2 storey family home great location, opposite St Albans park. 2 bathrooms.

Suitable for up to 6 tenants.
No pets or smokers.

636a barbadoes streetSo what is that in the middle of the bed then.......

And no - I shan't split hairs & mention that it is not actually available until 22nd March...or that it doesn't have a heat pump & the only underfloor heating is in the kitchen.
Then again I would have most likely put 'hearing impaired' in the 'ideal tenant' field ;)

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