Monday, March 08, 2010

Pure Self Indulgence

Then there are the days when the best laid plans go awry.

Time to pack up the real shoes, anything that I can live without for the next 10 days. It appears that there are quite a few I can live without.
There are many that haven't been on my feet since I stopped working at Heart of Art almost two years ago.

Then there are a few more besides. You know the type; the beautiful leather in colours that you just can't resist, pointy toes, sleek heels & what's more they are exactly what is needed to complete that outfit that you are going to wear to *insert special occasion here*.

The type that will most likely never see your feet again.

Unless you are moving & take a few minutes out for some pure unadulterated self indulgence.

Oh yeah!

Pretty amazing considering this comes from the person that will blatantly state that she thinks there should only be two types of shoes....flip flops & boots.

Same person isn't even going to get into how many pairs she has packed of those!

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