Tuesday, June 21, 2011

So Much For "Later This Week"......

As anyone who checks in on this blog once in a blue moon can see, publishing my "49 Things to do before I turn 50" list simply didn't happen......and , oh look, we are almost there at the big 5-0!!

One thing led to another, then yet another in this funny old life, mostly significant aftershocks, & I never even got around to revising the list. Having one very inquisitive puppy can be limiting too - boy, had I forgotten just how full on puppies can be. Puppies with 'character' are even worse - throw intelligent & teething into the mix, add a dash of attitude & you have one explosive little cocktail!

Only he isn't so little now.

He also knows how to head butt. A lack of attention on my part, when he thinks he should be getting it will earn me a head butt in the back of the knee's.

Did I mention he chews? He will chew anything, with the contents of my handbag being a particular favourite & chew toys running a close second. Of course it isn't much fun chewing the things that you are allowed - there is far more pleasure to be gained from sourcing a handbag, no matter how safely the human thinks she has it stashed & choosing from the treasure trove of contents which juicy morsel you'd like to chew.

Fortunately for a certain puppy he somehow managed to empty my wallet & chew the contents. I was a little annoyed, but would have been bordering on anger had he chewed the wallet.

Frankly I find it difficult to stay upset or angry at him for very long. Two seconds is too long - because it takes less than that for him to look up at me with those big brown eye's & those darn wrinkles that somehow have managed to furrow his brow giving him a look of worried concern which in turn gives the impression that he is sorry that he has angered his human.

This impression is false. The beseeching "I'm sorry, please forgive me" look is a cover. What it really means is "I know if I look at you like this you won't get really angry at me.... then in 5 minutes when you've forgotten what I did I can go off & find something else equally as naughty to do".

The little rotter has not only stolen the contents of my wallet, but my heart as well.
And, he's perfected "the look" down to a fine art.

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angelinabeadalina said...

Aw, Deb, you can't possibly be angry even for those two seconds! Look at that face! I'd say your list is one of those things that is a good starting point. Writing the list in the first place puts some focus on things... but living life is more about going with the flow :) Happy Birthday this week!