Thursday, June 30, 2011

That Was Easy & Sensible Knickers

I woke up yesterday morning totally confused - sometime during the night I'd officially become 50 & I'd missed it! How rude. Shouldn't I feel different somehow - after all 50 is supposedly such a milestone (not to be confused with Millstone - which is something altogether different!!)

What to do? Should I start wearing sensible knickers? Trade in my fun boots & shoes for something more sedate? Perhaps today's equivalent of twin-sets - the boiled wool jackets would be the thing to help me feel 50! Maybe I should start dreaming of practical compact cars instead of doing up an old Ford truck.
I could always start dying my hair to hide the greys - only I don't have enough greys to bother dying my hair for that reason alone.
Surely I should do something to mark this momentous occasion appropriately for someone of advancing years - but what??

Then it occured to me that I didn't feel a single bit different to what I had the day before. If the truth be told the approach to turning 50 hasn't bothered me in the slightest - unlike turning 40!
That was a crock to be sure. I spent a whole beforehand year dreading turning 40 - it sounded so old. What a waste of perfectly good 'dread' that was - poor misguided girl! I seem to recall waking that particular morning to the realisation that I didn't feel any different too.

Age is just a number - minutes, days, months gradually pass & become a year. We don't count the minutes or hours & at 10.00pm  think "oh I feel an hour older than I did at 9.00pm"  so why would we think we were going to feel any different at the end of a year?

No - this girl is not buying into the number apprehension game, nor is she buying into age appropriate behaviour.

Of course it helps when you have a man that innocently mutters "your kidding me, is she really younger than you - I thought she was older!" & a wonderful studio partner that is genuinely surprised that you are 50 ;)

I did however figure what I could do to mark this occasion in an age appropriate manner - & subtly aged this photo of the wonderful flowers that my brother & his wife sent me.


angelinabeadalina said...

lol, this post made me smile, Deb. Glad you had a good birthday! You are so right about counting hours and minutes... takes us a while to get to the point where we can begin to see it, but it sure is a wonderful revelation.

Patty said...

You're already off to a great start at "50", Deb! Just forget about the numbers, and wear what makes you happy. :-)

Maggie said...

I'll be joining you in the big 50 club later this year. I'm thinking of getting a tattoo, though I'll probably chicken out, or doing shots for the first time in my life, which may or may not be a good idea before the tattoo. I agree, it's just a number, but I feel like it gives me an excuse to do something I haven't tried before.

Bobbie Pene said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Yes you have reached a milestone but why should you feel any different than you did the day before? I truly believe you are only as old as you feel - I have met some very 'old' 50 year olds and some very 'young' 50 year olds.

Just enjoy your life for all it offers....the good and the not so good because it is our journey through life that makes us all unique individuals and shapes who we are.

rosebud101 said...

Happy Birthday!!!!! Age is only a number. Love the flowers!

angelinabeadalina said...

Deb, I love the part about how we don't count the hours of our lives and expect some great big change, yet we expect it to happen when the numbers in our age change.

Btw, there was an ad for a Ford in our newspaper this morning that cracked me up with it's succinct wording:
1981 FORD F-150
$500- IT RUNS
CALL ********