Thursday, July 16, 2009

Did The Earth Move For you?

There I was last night, quietly minding my own business & making beads out in my Garagio (flash name for my garage based studio), when all of a sudden the earth started moving for me....or rather under me.

It was a somewhat surreal feeling, not that it's the first earthquake I have ever felt by a long shot. The fact that I was the only one in this house that felt it left me somewhat bemused!! Perhaps it was because I sit at a very level work area with my elbows resting on the table & my feet on the floor that made me more aware...who knows!

If you can imagine being completely focussed on a ball of molten glass held in a hot flame you might understand the thought process.

A subconscious awareness of movement & the thought
"hmmm, if I'm feeling this vague, I must need more coffee"....a split second before the realization of
"well heck, I'm actually moving & gently swaying, yet sitting still" which of course was closely followed by
"oh bloody hell - earthquake (how cool)".
Of course the next thought was the responsible adult thought of "I suppose I really should put this bead down & turn everything off", right as I continued to add another dollop or two of glass.

At this point I was wondering why no one inside had yelled out anything, & decided that at any second I was going to hear the crash of something falling down or such so, complete with molten bead in hand, I went across the garage, into the lounge & pretty much blurted out "can you guys feel this?".

Blank looks greet me from both the 11 year old sitting on the couch & the Mailleman standing at the bench in the kitchen.

Them: "Feel what?"

Me: "ummm - the Earthquake"

Mailleman: "no, didn't feel a thing"
11 Year Old: "Oh that will be why the blinds were swinging before"

At that point I may have rolled my eye's, & quietly given up on my!

I snuck back out to my work area & as I sat down realised that it was still going but in the throes of tailing off!

As I said perhaps it was just because of the way I was sitting....then again I have felt quakes that others haven't when I have been sitting at the computer.
Of course it all happened in a very short time & no beads were harmed in the shaking.

OK, so this is not the most beautiful bead I've ever made - but it survived some time out of the flame before being quickly finished off, & it's probably unique in as much as it was made during a New Zealand earthquake.


Stanley1 said...

Hmmmm... you accidentally forgot to mention WHY I didn't feel the earth move.

I was already moving - swiftly, efficiently (and gracefully) cleaning your beads and mandrels from the previous days. Wehn one is concentrating on the perfection in one's hands all else fails to register ;o)

angelinabeadalina said...

Well, I adore the two different tones of colors in that earthquake bead! That orangish bottom part is stunning! Glad no one was harmed during the making of it, either :)

rosebud101 said...

Isn't that sweet of Stanley to say, "holding perfection in his hands." Wow! No wonder he didn't feel the earth move.

Deb said...

Ahhh, but Mallory - If dear Stanley had indeed been holding perfection in his hands then the earth would have undoubtedly moved for him.

*polishes her halo before skipping off*