Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Yesterday Morning

saw our lowest temperature so far this winter. I didn't feel it - safely tucked inside a nice warm house (& probably a nice warm bed at the time this image was taken).

However there is always an upside to everything - even bitterly cold winter mornings when it reaches a low of -4 degress celcius.

This image was on the front of this mornings Press. Sometimes (it seems not very often these days) - I love what this city can offer.
I can almost feel a bead coming on.....

Below is part of the description as to what caused this wonderful effect.

As surface temperatures fell to below minus 4 degrees Celsius in many parts of the city, the cold air played tricks even on the air several hundred metres up. In the photograph, a gentle westerly drift draining off the Southern Alps is blowing plumes of smoke and steam from left to right, where they are largely trapped under an inversion layer, above which the air temperature rises.

However, the plume at the right is hot enough and rising quickly enough to break through the inversion.

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Lisa said...

Great pic! I'll send you some of our summer heat if you like. :)