Monday, January 17, 2011

A Rebel in the Vege Garden

Way back at the end of October I planted my vege garden. It's not a huge patch, quite small in fact when  you consider that I was trying to plant around the well established artichoke plant, but I made room for some flower plants so I had a bit of colour since there is nowhere else in the garden to plant flowers. By the 31st of October all the seeds planted had germinated & everything was coming along nicely.

Not even 6 weeks later on the 12th December it was looking pretty darn established. We were already picking lettuces & the 'miniature' cabbages .

 By the 27th December we'd had a good feed of lettuce & were ready to plant the second crop. The cabbages weren't so miniature any more & nor was a small variety of something else I had planted...

A Rebel in the midst & this is it!!

In front of the beans I had planted some Moulin Rouge Sunflowers. Call me fanciful but I liked the idea of something flowering in front of the beans that would stay a bit lower. The packet said they grew from 75-90cm (30-35") tall. The packet lied!

The fence is 1.8m (6') high & as of a week ago the culprits were a good foot above the top if the fence. Currently they are providing support for the wayward beans ;)

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Patty said...

Ohhhh, you've got me pining away for summer now. Your garden looks incredible, Deb.