Thursday, January 12, 2012

Femme Fatale

A few weeks ago I was in the general vacinity of one of my favourite plant nurseres - so decided to take the slight detour to have a quick look around & perhaps buy a succulent to fill a gap in a big bowl I have. Hey, 23 kilometers is only a slight detour.....

I didn't end up buying a small succulents. Oh no, stayed focussed & resist temptation is NOT in my current garden vocabulary.
I was lured, nay seduced, by the mysterious charms of a plant I have long dreamed of growing.  A plant that I have been unsuccessful in striking from seed I was that I know darn well doesn't particularly like cold or frosts & will sulk when moved from it's accustomed climate (in this case a huge sheltered tunnel house). But I bought it anyway.

She is sulking in as much as her lower leaves are turning yellow & dropping, as I was warned they may do. I'm not too perturbed & have a feeling that will stop soon  as there are signs of improvement.
She is also gradually putting on a display of flowers that blow my mind. 

From a rich cream when they first start to open in the morning...

Through to a deep salmon pink as they open further the on the same day...

To a wonderful combination of the two when she fully opens to exude her astounding scent in the evening.

I so wasn't prepared for that perfume. It's subtle, alluring & I can only wonder at what it would be like on a warm balmy evening (ours are somewhat crisp for this time of year!). But still it is there & so begins my love affair with this femme fatale.

I just hope I can find somewhere in Brisbane that isn't asking the same price as I paid for this 1 meter tall beauty for a small cutting!!

Off for a final sniff before bed ;)


Bobbie Pene said...

Wow what a beautiful plant. I just love strange and unusual plants and have a few in my garden. What is it called?

Deb said...

Hey Bobbi :) Gosh I'd be stoopid, fancy forgetting to name her!! She's a Brugmansia & would be exceptionally well suited to your neck of the woods climatically :)
As fate would have it I've put her tags "somewhere safe" & can't find it right now to tell you what cultivar she is, but they are all scented & come in a variety of colours ranging from golden yellow, through, apricot, pinks & deep salmons.

Sharon Driscoll said...

I am looking at snow and I can swear I can smell her from here.