Sunday, October 10, 2010

Dance Like There is No One Watching

Do you dance like there is no one watching? I know I don't! Rather strange considering that I go dancing 3 times a week. But there you have it.

I wish I could lose my inhibitions the way others seem to do when I am dancing in a group. Perhaps I just need to gain a little confidence - at least that is what I've been told. It's of no great concern though as I enjoy the dance & when I make mistakes just laugh at myself & carry on.

I have to admit that I get an immense sense of fulfilment when I finally master a step or routine that has been eluding me. It is this, & the knowledge that eventually through repetition I will master the tricky bits, that has kept me going along every week.

So although I don't dance like there is no one watching I do dance in the rain.....

Our monthly Line Dance social was today & even though we are in the second month of Spring the rain was persisting down outside! ;)

Bet you can't guess what the theme was!

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