Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Little Different

I've been thinking about this. Perhaps because I have always been a little different to what is, or has been, expected of me.

My beads have taken the complete opposite path to that which I imagined when I first started lampworking. I set out wanting to make precise dot beads in bright colours & beads with raised floral designs.
Goodness knows why, because they wouldn't have worked in with the style of  jewellery I was making at the time. None the less those are what I wanted to make.

I never quite got there as the glass had other plans for me, & now I can finally say that I am happy with that.

Today here is something a little different to what I usually do with Chalcedony...style wise at least!


Mermaid Glass said...

These are gorgeous! The glass does dictate where we go, doesn't it?

Patty said...

It's kismet, I say! You were meant to make this beautiful style, Deb. They're awesome!

Johwey Redington said...

I love love love the color fusion in your beads!