Sunday, June 13, 2010

A Winter Friday Morning

But to look at the photo you wouldn't think so!

The arrival of some very special seeds this week necessitated the dragging out of my much neglected gardening books, the making of lists & the writing up of tags.

Such precious seeds, some of which aren't really intended for this climate, deserve some careful research before they are planted in order to provide them with the correct conditions in which to germinate successfully.

Breakfast went uneaten & my coffee cold in my eagerness to discover everything I could about these treasures.

I know that I could have quickly researched the information needed online...but somehow that just isn't the same. When I last had my own garden there wasn't the ease of access to information that the internet now provides. It was all referenced in books & catalogues.
One thing I have learned over time is that you can't rush nature & that, in itself, is the very essence of gardening. 
So why would I need to rush the research, why not just relax & enjoy the winter sunshine & fresh air outside with the 'old fashioned' but infinately more satisfying books.
A gardener is patient & well knows the anticipation with which one can look forward to a seasons change & all that can bring.
A gardener knows that even though it is cold & the ground is chilled that is what some seeds need in order to germinate in spring or tree's to produce their spring buds, just as others need the opposite.
Gardening teaches you patience & gives you an appreciation that the cooler months are needed. A garden is basically a whole lot of inspiration in one place. It also gives you something to look forward to.

I can't believe that I had forgotten all of the things that gardening taught me in the past... & it's incredible how quickly so much has come rushing back to me.

Sitting out there in the sun & looking through my books had a vivid recollection of my first action every morning -  a wander around the garden, with coffee in hand looking to see what had sprouted through the ground or was forming buds or blooming.
Quite simply these seeds have given me something to look forward to - something to inject a little anticipation & inspiration into every day.

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