Sunday, February 21, 2010

I'm a snob.....

There, I said it!
I'm not a snob in every respect though, just botanically speaking....or perhaps that should be speaking botanically.

I play a game on Facebook...anyone who has friended me & hasn't hit the 'Hide Farmville' button on my feed by now must be either very tolerant, quite insane, or playing it themselves.
As it happens I am a bit of a botanical ho in Farmville. I hoard trees as if each were going to be the last & I'm sure that my farm has more land dedicated to tree space than to animals or the planting of crops.

The latest tree release on Famville is a rather bright burnt orange tree they they call a 'Gulmohar' Tree. Of course being orange it was a given that I would like it anyway. But this was a tree that I had never heard of, & certainly didn't bear a resemblance to any tree I have seen in reality. Now being rather partial to exotics of any sort, you can pretty much put money on the fact that if I haven't seen it locally, I have usually heard of it somewhere along the way & more than likely drooled over it at some point in one of my many gardening books.

But not the Gulmohar tree - nope, no bells ringing there....not even a little tinny sounding ding!

So tonight I searched.

Aha - as it turns out another name it is known by, 'Royal Poiciana', I have heard before. Better still it's correct botanical name of Delonix regia, I know & am quite familiar with the family of plants that comes from. Yep, I'm a snob. Stick to the latin & it simplifies things.
Plants have different common names in different countries, & boy oh boy can that get confusing.
This beauty, originally endemic to Madagascar, depending on location is also known as Krishnachura, Peacock Flower, Flamboyant, Flame of the Forest, Malinche, and Tabachine.

None of this is really a big deal of course, especially these days with the wonderful search engines available. The end result is that I'm in love. I would have just been in love a little sooner had I known it's latin name ;)

Or if Farmville's depiction of it was a little more accurate....

Any which way, I'll have to move somewhere a little warmer than this climate in order to ever grow it myself.


Babyboy said...

Such as warm tropical climate im in mother?

Deb said...

Such as the one you are in, my love!
Al;though from what you have told me of that, I may well prefer the location where the photo was take. Mexico ;)