Saturday, February 13, 2010

On a Mission

As you can no doubt tell I have been on a bit of a mission lately. That mission has been somewhat obvious, to help the people of Haiti in any small way that I am able, & it will remain close to my heart for a long time yet to come.

I'll continue to update things here, but will be keeping it down to once a week (unless I cant help myself), & trying to bring a bit more variation back into my little glass party.

That said I have a couple of blogs that I have been following & I'd like to share them here. I'll do so over the next few days, in between other things, & taper off to weekly updates by the end of next week.

The first is the Livesay Haiti blog. A whole new perspective is put on things through the eye's of people who have been working as Missionaries in Haiti since before the earthquake.

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