Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The things you see at work

Last week I was gutted! The 20th NZ HOG Rally was on & I couldn't get to the show part of it on the Friday. Even worse, the Thunder Ride was scheduled for the Saturday & I was going to be at work. The first time since 1991 that this event has been staged in Christchurch - & I was going to miss it!

I well recall standing on the corner of my street once years ago, when there was a large motorbike rally in town & just watching for 3/4 hours as a sea of bikes went past. There was always something about seeing the assorted riders, of both sexes & from all walks of life bought together by a shared passion for their bikes that attracted me.

To be missing an event specifically dedicated to Harley's was almost a killer!lol!
The Thunder Ride's route wasn't scheduled to go past work, so I thought that I had completely lucked out. Being reliant on a bus to go to work these days, I didnt have the luxury of a car to take a quick break & drive to the nearest point that I would be able to watch it 2kms up the road.

Sulkily resigning myself to the fact that I wasn't really going to pull the 'sicky' (kiwi slang for sick day) that I had joked about all week , I set off to work pouting but wistfully taking my camera along.

I am so pleased that I did. Many of the Harley owners from out of town were staying nearby, so Riccarton Road had some pretty decent traffic through the course of the day.
Just as well that I have a wonderful boss that shoo's me out of the gallery with the comment ' oh no - your eye's have glazed over again, off you go".

I love this photo - there is just something so right about it. Perhaps I am just partial to men in kilts ;)


angelinabeadalina said...

Heehee, bet that kilt doesn't stay in place once he gets moving fast on the open road ;-) Love your pictures and your outlook on life's interesting moments, Deb!

Deb said...

I like the way you think, Ang! lol

I must be getting old because I never even thought of that factor. Can you believe that? ('cos I sure as heck don't!) but I didn't.

Heaps of riders wearing jeans & leathers - & then there's this dude in a kilt. All I could see was that wonderful individuality.
Yep, I think that teenage rebel still lurcks in here somewhere ;)