Saturday, February 13, 2010

On a Mission II

Another blog that I discovered during my mini mission is Haiti By Hand.
I often find it funny ( as in 'strange coincidence' type of funny, not 'funny ha ha') the way we stumble across things as if by coincidence, but somewhere inside ourselves we know that we were led there for a reason.

I discovered Rebecca's blog while putting together an Etsy Treasury. Having searched 'proceeds' & 'haiti' in order to find items to include, I came across this in the 'Haiti By Hand' Etsy store:

How I managed to resist buying it upon first sight, I don't know. It appealed to everything within me, but resist I did. I was quite pleased to see that it sold while my treasury was running, it saved me a continued inner battle & I knew that that it's sale was going to aid Haiti women. But I digress.

Rebecca is another that was working in Haiti, with Haitian women before the earthquake.
This was one of her blog posts after the earthquake & the one that caught my attention, made me stop & think. I hope you will take time to read it, perhaps explore her blog even more & see what she is doing with these women.

There is a printable list here of craft supplies that can be donated, & who among us (come on, I know that we artists & craftswomen are hoarders, it is in our genes) doesn't have at least something on this list that we can send.


Patty said...

Deb,Rebecca's hand quilted bag is stunning, and her blog is even more so. *Thank you* for sharing this, and I plan to go through my stash of crafty supplies and send her some things. Her ideas are thoughtful and right on track.

CraftCrave said...

Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on in the Handcraft category today [03 Mar 01:00pm GMT]. Thanks, Maria