Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Ancient Nomad finds a permanant dwelling place

Seven months ago (can't believe it has been THAT long) I posted about an early birthday gift I had received from Mallory aka "The Divine Ms M" aka Rosebud101. I'd wanted to make my wonderful Bernadette Fuentes "Ancient Nomad" bead that Mallory had purchased at the Bead and Button Show into a necklace.
The plan had been to do it in time to wear on my birthday, but the usual dilemma of sourcing the right materials to go with the picture in my head put those plans to rest.

This Nomad needed a subtle treatment. He is enough of a statement in himself that he needed very little additional adornment. I could have just used a headpin & a couple of small silver beads, wire wrapped a loop & put him on a silver chain....but that is not my style. Besides, he deserved more if he was planning on stopping his travelling ways to reside on my neck.

I subscribe to the K.I.S.S theory when creating jewelry - a designer I 'aint! But I did want lashings of silver & to repeat some of the colours he had in him.

A couple of false starts (read: ordered findings online that didn't really work one way or another when they arrived)& I finally had what I wanted.

I've been wearing him frequently for a few months now & without fail he elicits comments from women & men alike.

Mallory said that I needed to name him. I did, his name is Spike, primarily in memory of Mallory's beloved wonder dog Spike & also because of the obvious.

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