Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Also seen on Sunday

How wonderful are these Alpaca's?

Look at that one in the background - just making eye contact & asking for her photo to be taken.

I want two - not one (they don't like to be alone) but two!
The mailleman thought I was joking. I was deadly serious!
I even pointed out to him that the tenancy agreement states 'no dogs' - but it doesn't say a darn thing about Alpaca's.

See , I told you. She had attitude . I want that one!

Related to camels but far cuter I think an alpaca would be a cool pet. Less noisey than a dog too, so maybe not the best form of guard pet...then again we have two cats for that. Both are excellent at guarding a warm patch of sunlight with quite frightening ferocity....if they manage to wake up.

Imagine, nicer looking than sheep & less noisey than lawnmowers. 2-4.5kg of wool per year & they come in over 20 natural colours.
Pity that you need a bit more room than we have here .

All recently shorn so I'm not sure what type of Alpaca these are.

I kind of like the Suri Alpaca's, they are the ones with the long locks a bit like dreads - apparently the fleece is made up of longer silkier fibres....I can just imagine knitting or weaving with it!

A comparison chart against other animals, subteley inserted for the mailleman "Why Buy Alpacas"


angelinabeadalina said...

Well, they are just too cute! I think the mailleman ought to be helping you figure out how to disguise two of those babies should the landlord come visiting :) Oh, and don't forget,not only would they mow the lawn, but they'd also fertilize it regularly, too!

Stanley1 said...

A considered response :o)