Friday, April 03, 2009

Pounamu River

Another bead from last month's "Dream" theme.
Pounamu is the Māori name for "Greenstone" or Nephrite Jade. Most often used in jewelry here, it used to be used to carve tools, ornaments & a hand held weapon, called a 'mere'. Mere's are some of the most beautiful (yet lethal) weapons you have ever seen.
Pounamu ranges in colour & translucency from a pale green, through to emerald & on to an almost black green.

A google search will reveal some stunning (& pricey) styles of carved jewelry that are available today. However I chose this image as an example, as I like the way this carved piece has been presented. (Ang, you are influencing me from afar!)

Ponamu Sculpture

"Pounamu River"

Best I get cracking on working some colour into my beads for this months CED theme of "Color"


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It's beautiful, Deb, and it has such a great tribal rhythm thing happening in those borders.

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