Thursday, April 23, 2009

Make Peace With Imperfection

Ahhh chapter two in "Don't Sweat the Small Stuff" very apt for me.

A while ago I read that to be a perfectionist is to limit oneself & I have been working on letting go of that for some time now.

However to read that whenever we want something in a certain way, better than it already is...we are focused on what is wrong with that thing & the need to fix it, rather than remembering to be grateful for what we do have.

Case in point - the view out of of my study window, something I see every time I glance up from the computer.

The 'fence' is too close to the house, part of it is rusty iron,backed by higher non rusty iron & part of it is made up out of the neighbours hideously disgusting shade of green garage wall. It has irritated me every since we moved here.

The silly thing is I love rusty corrugated iron (possibly just not as a view I see every day). For goodness sakes Deb, get a grip on yourself, the only artwork I have displayed in the house of mine is of a gecko on rusty corrugated iron!!
I have no idea why I developed such an intense dislike for this view. No - it's not perfect. But it could be so very much worse - so for now I have made my peace with it's imperfections .

Of course that doesn't mean that a bit of sheet metal wont get cut out & painted to look like a gecko & possibly end up decorating said fence one day soon.....

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