Monday, April 06, 2009

I want....

& "can I?" are words frequently heard around here. Usually when I am busy trying to do something - a little voice will chime in asking "can I learn to do that" or "I want to do that too Mum!". Usually this is said in a with a tone that indicates 'right now would be good, thank you very much.

Not great when you are juggling molten glass in the flame, but not so bad when it's something you can easily put aside & finish later.

Gabriela has come up with an idea that she'd like to try & make a blanket or quilt. Just the sort of project we need to keep a certain 11 year old occupied during the up coming school holidays.

She has been practising sewing straight lines on my sewing machine.....& actually doing extremely well.


angelinabeadalina said...

You're such a cool mom, Deb :) I can't wait to see the project as it progresses. Ah, the practicing straight lines, I remember that from Home Economics. My mom didn't make me do that, so I was sorely miffed that I had to do those paper follow the lines and curves practice sheets after I'd already been sewing a few years, LOL. Have fun with the're making such wonderful memories for her!

rosebud101 said...

Your daughters are so creative, just like their mother! I admire their determination when it comes to succeeding and practicing at what they want to accomplish! You go, girls!