Friday, April 17, 2009

Dont Sweat the Small Stuff

Don't you love that phrase? I know I did the first time my Dad said it & believe me in the last few years before he died, he used it quite a bit. He'd say it to Mum, he'd say it to me & often when Mum & I were talking about something, he'd say so quietly that you would almost miss it - if it weren't for the twinkle in his eye.

Recently Richard Carlson's book "Don't Sweat the Small Stuff, and it's all small stuff" popped into my field of vision on Amazon "Frequently Bought Together" section as I was looking at another title. Of course I smiled & clicked, then added it to my wish-list. Later I listened to a sample chapter of it on-line & decided that I would definitely like to read it. Maybe I'm late to the party, but I had never heard of this book... although you can bet that Dad had not only heard of it but had also read it.

I forgot about it until a couple of weeks later when, once again, it came to my attention in a blog that I follow. I almost wondered if this was some kind of message - but yet again, having numerous things on my mind, soon forgot about it!

Today I had an appointment with the local beautician for the first time. Arriving a bit early I sat down to wait. Then I decided to explore the selection of magazines neatly stacked on the occasional table in her waiting area. Sitting there in the middle of that table was a copy of "Don't Sweat the Small Stuff, and it's all small stuff" - the magazines didn't even get a look in. I picked it up & started reading. Of course the two minutes I had to wait weren't nearly enough, I was hooked.

Later this afternoon found me out in search of some Bali Silver in the city. Disappointed at not being able to find what I wanted (again) - I decided to treat myself to the themptation of local art supplies store. A small purchase of a white gel pen there & my memory was jogged about some layering techniques that involve ripping up old books.
Huge problem - I can neither bring myself to write in books nor deface them in any way. Ripping up books to use in my visual journal just wasn't going to happen - unless I went out & bought an old tatty already falling to pieces book at a second hand store.

I recalled the local second hand book store in our area & drove towards there with that purpose in mind. I enter & am busy rummaging through the only pile of oldish tatty books that I could see when the lovely lady behind the counter asks if she can help me. Focused on looking for the oldest tattiest book, preferably with a great deal of foxing on the pages I straightened up & said "Oh yes please, do you have a copy of "Dont Sweat the Small Stuff, and it's all small stuff". As it fell out of my mouth my mind was thinking "Well crap - where DID that come from?". As it happened, she did have a very tidy copy. Now I do!

So this weekend I have just added this to my 'read' list. I've already figured that whether I'll have the time to do so or not is just 'small stuff'.

What I can't figure is how I lost a day this week! Seriously, I knew it was a short week at the beginning, I'm sure that I knew it was Thursday yesterday. So today I am walking up the street wondering why on earth everyone has all their recycle bins out..."it's not Friday, today is Thursday". The worst of it was that I had to ask the beautician that I'd booked the appointment with what day it was when I got there.

Now of course I realise that this is the 'small stuff'. I didn't miss any appointments, or forget to be somewhere I should, pick someone up or drop them off - so what does it matter whether it's Thursday or Friday? ;o)


ShellyD said...

hmmmmm....pause for thought..

*soft sigh*

Genie Sea said...

I love it when it's Friday and I didn't know. It's like a gift! :)

rosebud101 said...

I used to use that book when I was teaching. The kids loved it, and they agreed with me, especially when they "forgot" their homework or the dog ate their homework, that they weren't going to sweat the small stuff either. I think I taught those lessons way too well!