Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Limpets, Lichen and Rock Pools

One of the things that had prompted me to want to go to Kaikoura were childhood memories of playing in the rock pools there. We'd stay in Kaikoura on occasion, & no favourite toy was safe from being taken to play in the rock pools with me.
I seem to recall a couple of dolls suffering permanent blindness after the mechanisms that allowed their eye's to open & shut rusted.....

I wondered if my adult eye's would see the same fascination & wonder as my childhood eye's had seen.

There are h-u-g-e rocks pools...

and smaller rock pools.

Then there are very small rock pools...

In very large rocks!

There is lichen...

and limpets!

And if you pause a moment & look very carefully - you can even find a small, well disguised fish or two!

So very 'Kiwi' - a planting of NZ native plants.

If you take the time to look down & explore with a child's eye's, the seemingly rocky grey shore isn't as grey as it first might appear.

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