Tuesday, June 23, 2009

"Easy Fix" for the Winter Blues #2

If your visualisation skills aren't working for Easy Fix #1 - there is always Easy Fix #2.

Put heater on in studio. Turn on the kiln, the oxycon, the torch & equipped with MPS player & coffee sit down at torch.
(The internal & external heat sources help the visualisation skills.)

Make beads in the most delicious shade of opaque blue glass on the market.....Gaffer Denim Blue (G-125).
Of course there are lashings of G-109 Chalcedony....are you surprised?

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angelinabeadalina said...

Fix #2 is remarkably reminiscent of Fix #1-- look at the blue background and the blue sky, and look at how the bits of black on the chalcedony create a thatched effect. Very nice! BTW, last week was miserably hot and humid here-- would've gladly traded you a winter day for a summer day!