Thursday, June 11, 2009

Where DID that day go?

If there s one thing that seems consistent right now - it is the speed in which the weeks are seemingly flying by!
A full day devoted entirely to taking, editing & loading photographs to my website seem to have taken a toll on my torch time.

Actually I am rather relieved to have something to show here though, even if it is just to prove that I don't play with nothing but Gaffer Chalcedony each time I sit down to torch.

In the glass I got a while back was some of the CiM "Poi". I had mixed feelings about the results I had seen with this colour as I had also ordered Grape Ape & Plum. I mean how many shades of purple/grape/plums does one need?

I haven't worked the Poi up in a bigger bead yet, perhaps the results will be different. But for now I like the fact that it has a nice earthy tone to it - especially when the Double Helix glass, "Psyche" is used for decoration & fumes the Poi to some extent.


Emma said...

fantastic work Deb, I think I've fallen in love with all of them!

angelinabeadalina said...

I really like the deep colors in the Precious Poi set, Deb. The grapey/plum/purple color makes me think of tapestries and velvets, very rich.

As for the "where did that day go??" questions, I'd sure like to know how that whole thing works, ya know? The mastery of time eludes me...and I'm still stunned that grownups were sooooooooo right when they would say "time flies faster the older you get", LOL said...

so love the beaded key ..
perfect color combo...
the world would be boring place if you only played w/g109 .. :)
mona & the girls

rosebud101 said...

Those are sure "purty" Deb!!