Monday, June 15, 2009

It's Chalcedony Jim, but not as we know it

I played - & I wasn't kidding when I responded to Mallory's comment in the post below.
I had tried to recreate the effect of pleated green & the wisps of misty gold using Chalcedony.

I'd figured that with the help of Gaffer's Lime Green Aventurine - I could almost get the effect I was looking for. I know only too well how that aventurine spreads...& spreads.....& spreads.
The first attempt I restrained it aby laying the clear on top of the Lime Green Aventurine stringers to early, preventing it spreading enough to get the effect I was looking for.

Of course I managed to strike the end of the bead to a brilliant purple - right when I was trying not to!

The second attempt however I used a chalcedony base, applied the Lime Aventurine (in very thin stringers form), encased the whole lot in clear & then just gravity shaped it along the mandrel. I managed to get closer to the effect I was looking for.


angelinabeadalina said...

I love both of them! The green adventurine is gorgeous in there...and I think you captured so many aspects of that image! Between drooling over all the beauties you've been making and talking to Mona, I can't wait to give Gaffer some attention as soon as I get the torch back out. The colors are simply spectacular!

rosebud101 said...

Deb, you did a great job! Wow! I think the first one is my favorite. I've got to get some adventurine and try it out. That green is gorgeous!
The beads are too.

Emma said...

Stunning Deb, just one question. When are you listing them? said...

deb ... geezzz the purple on the end is what I LIKE...


love to use the 090 for leaves the f2 & f3 are PERFECT....

mona & the girls

ShellyD said...

Have I told you lately how 'YUMMY' your beads are!! You are definitely inspiring me to get some of that Gaffer :) One day!! Right now I'm fighting with boro - everything coming out of the kiln seems 'blech' LOL

Now you are going to have to tell me more about this dish you mentioned on my blog. And any idea what cooked Bulgur Wheat should look like. LOL

Hugs and keep warm.