Friday, June 26, 2009

Fruity Frit

Working with these wonderful Gaffer Frit blends that were sent to me by Mona & the Gaffer girls was a bit of a revelation.
This 'so not pink girly type girl' headed straight for the pink/purple blends!.

What was it that appealed? Perhaps my subconscious was drawn to the fresh fruity colours that reminded me of high summer (in the dreaded depths of winter), of course this would have been aided by the names "First Bloom" & "Blush".
The results are luscious - you almost want to pop them into your mouth to see what they taste like!

Of course it was the perfect chance to practise some scrollwork in the wonderful gaffer opal colours that I seem to not use nearly as much as I should....

First Bloom Frit Blend, Chameleon base - G114 Purple Scroll work

Blush Frit blend, Clear base - G113 Heliotrope Scroll work

Mona & the Gaffer Girls make these frit blends (& 13 more!) themselves & they are very reasonably priced so check them out on the GafferUSA website.

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angelinabeadalina said...

Mmmm, fruity and refreshing! Makes me thirsty just looking at the picture :)