Sunday, June 07, 2009

Gaffer Chalcedony #2 frit.

More beads made with Gaffer Chalcedony #2 frit.

Part of this wee group is already winging it's way to Mona & the Gaffer Girls at Gaffer Glass USA.

Gaffer G109 Chalcedony #2 frit
G-109 size 2 frit beads.

3 comments: said...

hey how did I miss this pick... must be sleep walking
mona & the girls

Carol said...

Your beads are spectacular!! I finally got over to Gaffer yesterday and bought some Chalcedony 109, they are right down the street but I just couldn't seem to get over there. I tried it out tonight and was thrilled with how easy it is to work. When I used it alone the results were great, but layered on top of other Gaffer glass, I found that it tended to sink like transparent does over opaque. Have you had this happen?

Deb said...

Hello Carol :o)
I', pleased that you got to try out the G-109.
It does have a tendency to sink into some of the other Gaffer opaque glasses - especially the black. I suspect this is not so much the G-109 Chalcedony, rather the nature of the other opaques.
As far as frit goes I have used it on the 104coe (moretti & vetrofond) blacks with no compatibility issues.... & have now taken to using my darker gaffer colours over a gaffer clear base in order to prevent the G-109 sinking.

Have a look at the Gaffer Girls Question and Answer Blog - I think it's an issue we could deal with there at some point. (I'll pop a link up on the right of this page)