Thursday, June 18, 2009

More Colour

Even though the sky is a clear & cloudless bright blue today, the wind is freezing & bites right into you.

I miss seeing the flowers in gardens as I walk down the street to get my daily latte.

Just to be clear this is the one that the mailleman doesn't make for me & I actually have to leave the house & get myself.....usually accompanied by something scrumptious from my local cafe Ri'stretto. Of course any edibles are shared via Skype with Ms Mallory.
She usually suggests the Carrot cake.

Of course now that I have mentione4d Carrot Cake - it should be no surprise that todays colour inspiration is orange...

Both of the images below are from Gaëlle's Picasa web Albums.
It wasn't just the orange that drew me in, it was the costuming & the masks (of course). For an absolute visual feast of both from the Carnaval Vénitiens de la Murette & Carnaval d'Annecy, carnivals in the Venetian style held every year in France her albums are a must visit.

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