Friday, August 07, 2009

My Beads Have Become Camera Shy

Nothing I could post in the way of beads here could possibly come anywhere near the beauty of Manuela's bead.

I have to say that it has elicited gasps of amazement from all that have seen it in person so far & a few of of those that have seen it are males! That has to give you some idea of it's stunning beauty in reality.

I have been doing more of the same, Chalcedony still creeps in at least once per torch session until before I know it I have a strand of beads in the lovely stuff that has to be sorted & listed.

There are large chunky disks, round beads, donut accent beads of an average size & the itty bitty beads that get called all sorts of things when they are being cleaned.

Here are some before sorting. You can see from these images a great example of the colour ranges it is capable of.

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