Friday, August 07, 2009

My Box of Gaffer Crayons

This was an exercise in patience for me. No playing with reactions or gravity swirling & shaping of glass. I started 4 days ago & finally filled in the last 'gap' in the palette that I was able to fill today.

Quite simply I wanted a reference that showed exactly what colours the different Gaffer Opal's show when used in a bead.

Because Gaffer is a furnace glass, initially designed & formulated to be used by glass blowers, the colour charts show thinly blown shards of the super saturated colours.
This makes even the Opals appear as if they have some translucency, which they do when blown, but not in the more solid masses of glass which become a bead.

There was only one way to fix it..... I unearthed all the short ends I had left from an assortment pack of the gaffer opals & got to work on some small chunky disk beads.

This isn't even the full palette of Gaffer Opals. There are 15 colours missing.
But what a wonderful 'Box of Crayons' this far ;o)


Right Turn ArtWerks said...

Oh Yummmmmmmmy Deb - I love your crayon box. I have been steadily piocking up on the Gaffer line and I am just loving it. Those beautiful rainbow colors are to "die for".

Manuela said...

I love Gaffer Glass too, I have used it some years ago but I had some devitrifying problems with some of them and for us it is very expensive because you cannot buy in in Germany .... well, I´ve got back to my beloved Effetre :-)) but still have some rods here. Perhaps I will grab them some day.
Wow, I admire your patience, I have never made samplers from my colors, good job dear Deb.
Have a wonderful end of the week,

rosebud101 said...

Those are so pretty, Deb! Great job!

ShellyD said...

Gorgeous!! Where can a girl get some :-)