Sunday, August 09, 2009

The Problem With Bright Sunlight

Actually there isn't one - apart from when it comes to photography, particularly when it comes to photographing beads.
Specifically when it comes to photographing beads made with Gaffers Chalcedony.

I prefer not to tamper with or brighten my photo's. Something I learned some time back when a buyer complained that my colours were 'over saturated' was that you just aren't going to satisfy some people, no matter how colour correct your image is on your monitor.
I also learned that you can't even try explain to someone that it is their monitor that is displaying incorrectly, even when they mention the yellow in the bead which isn't apparent either in the bead itself or any of the photo's you have of it... not even if you refer them to the fact that the bead was listed as 'Ivory'.

Chalcedony is a whole new ball game both under studio lights & in the sunlight. If one of the colours in the glass looks right, then another will look wrong. When the blues show up well in a photo - the pinks don't & the opposite is also true.

In the sun from above - pretty good for the solid areas of pink/purple, but the blues aren't showing their true tones.

In the sun from in front & slightly above - the decent size area's of blue show correctly, the pink is a bit bright & the colours on the smaller beads just look washed out.

Out of direct sun (& the flash goes off). Blues appear correct, pinks look more purple, but at least the spacers don't look so insipid.

What is a girl to do?


Manuela said...

What about day light bulbs and a good tent? That´s my way to take pics and if you think the colors aren´t true, you can adjust them in Photoshop ....
If you want to photograph them outside you have to wait for the "right" day time, just try different hours!???
And ... on my blog there is a Link to Frantz, there is a tutorial about photgraphing just now there (haven´t checked it out, hope it will help you).

Thanks honey for the smile you gave me today ... the lady man is sending you a big hug

rosebud101 said...

Deb, it doesn't seem to matter how you photograph them. They are lovely!