Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sunday Funday

Some misguided person decided that a trip to the beach was in order today. I wanted some driftwood, & had promised a certain 12 year old that we would go to the beach on Sunday.

Added incentive was some potential studio space up for lease that we wanted to look at.

So we went to the beach

I found my driftwood

Admired the view....

And marvelled at the wisdom of a certain 12 year old, who found a way to avoid the biting cold wind.

No leisurely walk along the beach this time, we simply weren't rugged up warm enough. Lesson learned; just because it is warm & sheltered at home doesn't mean that the same is true at the seaside.

A quick look at the space for lease & we realised that the letting agent had portrayed it somewhat differently, neglecting to mention that it was an upper level space & not on the street front.

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