Sunday, August 23, 2009

A Request

Sometimes you forget who you biggest fans really are, those that see past the imperfections & just love your work because they think you are a clever 'Mum'.

Kids are so unconditional & see through such great eye's. Their idea of perfection isn't anything to do with symmetrical shapes, or perfect ends - their idea of perfection is because something was made for them with love, by someone they love.

Part of Gabriela's birthday request was for "one of your key beads please Mum".


Anonymous said...

debs i have waited to see something made with these keys and i must say beautiful any young lady would love that you are so cleaver and talented and all your own beads

Linda said...

Happy Birthday to your daughter! Yes, I totally agree. Children are the best art advocates. They have the amazing ability to see all that is good rather than get caught up in whats wrong. Probably one reason I remain an elementary art teacher :)