Monday, September 28, 2009

Comparisons I

Now who would have thought that after working so hard to get good colour & a high shine in a striking glass, that one would want to etch it?

I'm not sure what made me etch the first Chalcedony beads that got thrown into the tumbler, aside from the usual Deb thought of "I wonder what would happen if ...."
I am so pleased that I did.

How fortuitous that I just had these two sets sitting here ready to list the other day when I got a custom request for a set of each!

Chalcedony Etched & Unetched

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Sweetwater Designs said...

gorgeous're a braver woman than I. Actually, I think I did etch a silver glass once..or maybe it was silver plum? and it was a disappointment. these are very very pretty.