Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Spring Cleaning.... or sorting

For some bizarre reason Spring always brings out the worst in me. Time to clear out the clutter (along with the dust & cobwebs) & minimise things somewhat.
I like my clothes grouped so that I can see what I have at a glance. I've found if they get messy, I forget I have stuff - which perhaps points to the fact that I have way to much stuff, stuff that I dont wear.

A weekend spent with visitors & kids saw my tops & jerseys from my dresser sitting unsorted on the bedroom floor. How did they get onto the floor? Valid question.

The arrival of some new glass last Friday found me feeling a little overwhelmed, I had packing & posting to do, custom orders to photograph, listings to get up on Etsy & drawers emptied when the surprise parcel arrived. Some new glass to test. YAY!

After much thought, some really good advice ( something about throwing clothes - and ending with "After all, we know us beadmakers have our priorities in the right order...") & not expecting to have the next 4 days with this house being a mini version of Grand Central Station, I hit the torch. That night as I went to jump into bed I realised that it was covered with the contents of my drawers, so I placed all of the piles on the floor, & there they stayed until today. Oops!

I really do need to go through them & GET.RID.OF.STUFF.
But what did I do - placed them all back into the drawers. I'll minimize next week. Might do the wardrobes too...

4 comments: said...

my piles are bigger than that. 0)

you get spring and we get fall.hmmmm
gorgeous here today.. cleaning 2

Sharon Driscoll said...

Cleaning...yuck! I have piles on tops piles at the moment and I keep ignoring them to make beads. If I think about it there are are about a dozen t-shirts I wear and I mix an match them with about 6 pair of jeans. Yeah, there is the occasional "dress-up" but I think I should throw our about half my closet. Maybe that's the key to cleaning....throw it all out!

BabyBoy said...

Hi mum, I'm trying to minimise but so many handy things to buy, maybe i shall have to make kerry get rid of her handbags.....

angelinabeadalina said...

Argh! If Deb can't sort things out, then how can I expect to succeed at it?? By the way, you should always, always, always make beads if given a choice :)