Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I Could Be Somewhat Obsessed

Darn that silly game on FaceBook! (yes, I can hear you say "which one, there are many").

The only one that I check in daily on is "FarmVille" - I'm sorry to say that it had me hooked the minute I figured I could plan & build a garden of sorts.
Daily I rotate, harvest & replant crops & tend to my virtual animals...which I only have so that I can get more points faster & eventually purchase better crops. After that I will sell most of them. That's if I dont accidentally send another cow off to the slaughter house by clicking the delete button. Oops!
I do feel rather bad about that, of course I would feel worse if it had been an Alpaca, but FarmVille doesn't have Alapcas yet.

Sad, but true. I'm addicted!

Still it does satisfy the need to plan a garden. Far lower maintenance than a real garden too. Quite amazing how the soil always provides a bountiful crop with no need for fertilizer or bug, blight or pest control.

However when one see's a tractor over at the park & dashes to get her camera & take a photo (hey, do you know how often we see tractors in the city?) because it reminds her of the tractor in FarmVille - one has to sit back & take a long hard look at ones self ...doesn't one?

Right - off to plant my grapes, before bed ;o)

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